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CUSTOMER RESTORATION – 1979 Williams Time Warp (JH)

Beautiful Time Warp pinball. Unique game was one of two pinball machines that used the curved "Banana" flippers.

Cabinet was cleaned and washed inside and out. Cabinet paint was touched up. Coin door, side rails and lock down bar were all removed and polished. New power cord was installed for safety. Legs were cleaned then painted adding new leg black bolts and black leg adjusters. All boards were removed, repaired and updated. 40 pin inter-connect was replaced with new.

Playfield was stripped, cleaned, polished with Novus products, touched up then waxed. The touched up areas were sealed under clear Mylar for protection. All metal pieces were removed and polished. All playfield plastics were cleaned and polished. All playfield posts were replaced with new. Game was converted to LED bulbs. Cracked bumper cap was replaced. All game switches were cleaned and adjusted. Bumpers and flipper mechanisms were rebuilt with new parts. Backglass was cleaned on both sides then waxed. Stainless lift channel for backglass was removed and polished. Game had many burnt displays so they were replaced with a new Rottendog LED display kit.

Game looks stunning in person and plays like new.