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CUSTOMER RESTORATION – 1979 Bally Harlem Globetrotters

Restoration of a customer owned Harlem Globetrotters. Machine was picked up out of state. Customer wanted light restoration of the outside cabinet and playfield completely restored.

Cabinet was cleaned inside and out. Light paint touch up on worn areas. Playfield was stripped, cleaned, polished then waxed. Worn areas were touched up then sealed under Mylar. Game was converted to LED bulbs, new power cord for safety. Flippers and bumpers were rebuilt with new parts. Playfield posts, bumper and flipper plastics were installed. New rubber ring kit installed. Siegecraft anti-flicker kit was installed. Playfield plastics were cleaned and polished. All playfield metal were removed and polished.

All circuit boards were gone thru, repaired and all male and female header pins were replaced. Backglass was cleaned and polished (both sides). All displays were badly burned so new Pinscore LED display set was installed. Apron & shooter were stripped, painted then new decals applied. Legs were removed and cleaned then new leg bolts and leg adjusters were installed.

Game looks amazing and plays extremely fast.