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CUSTOMER RESTORATION – 1976 Williams Space Odyssey (repainted cabinet)

Fun & fast Space themed pinball machine. Unique kickout holes next to each flipper and swinging center target.

Restoration Details
Full cabinet restoration including wood damage repair & cabinet resprayed with Oil base paint and using a Pinball Pimp stencil. Playfield was stripped and cleaned with Novus then waxed. Worn paint areas touched up. Planking areas repainted then sealed under Mylar. All plastic playfield inserts were replaced with new. Relay contacts cleaned/gapped, broken wires repaired, new rubber ring kit installed. Side rails, lockdown bar and coin door were removed and hand polished. Receiver under lockdown bar was removed sandblasted then painted. Legs were removed, cleaned and polished. Flippers and bumpers were rebuilt with new parts. New playfield plastic set was installed. Transformer was high tapped. New reproduction backglass was installed. Light panel behind backglass was cleaned and repainted. All bulbs were replaced with LED bulbs. New power cord for safety.