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CUSTOMER RESTORATION – 1972 Bally Fireball

Game came in for playfield restoration, adjustments and light cabinet cleaning/touch up. Playfield was stripped, cleaned, polished, waxed and touched up. Had some areas that were planking. Painted those and sealed with Mylar. Bumpers were rebuilt on top and bottom of playfield. Zipper flippers mechanisms were covered in old grease and were very sticky. Removed entire assembly and cleaned with Acetone then lightly coated with dry lube spray. Flippers now open and close like new. Flippers were also rebuilt. 10 problematic light sockets were replaced. Game was converted to LED bulbs. Playfield plastics were cleaned, straightened and polished. Replaced plastics for 3 mushroom bumpers. All switches were adjusted.

This is a 3 ball multi-ball game with left outlane saver. Game looks great and now plays amazingly fast.