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SOLD – 1987 Williams Gold Mine Shuffle Alley (#4) (Up to 6 players) Completely rebuilt inside and out. Completely repainted. Look and plays like new!! Price includes 1st floor delivery and setup if your within the State of Florida

Great competitive fun for the whole family!

Who doesn’t like bowling? Gold Mine is a Shuffle Bowler designed by the leader in Shuffle Bowlers, Williams/United. These unique shuffle bowling games were very popular from the 60’s to the late 80’s, but now are becoming very difficult to find as they have been out of production for over 30 years! On a positive note, the internals of this machine are  repairable because parts are still readily available and the electronics in these games use the same board system as Williams Pinball Machines of the same era.

Up to 6 players can play competitively sliding the puck down the lane in any one of 5 different, 10 frame games.
REGULATION – Scoring the same as bowling.
GOLD STRIKE – Shoot Strikes in frames 1-3-5-7-9 for Big Strike Bonus of 3000. 3 Strikes across or down score 500. At game end, add missed Strikes. Other scoring is like Regulation.
SUPER STRIKE – Shoot Strikes to light 3-Lamp “Tic-Tac-Toe string” during 9-Frame Game. 300 for Strike; 100 for Spare; 900 for “string”. Total downed pins in Frame. 9900 for 9 Strikes in a row.
STRIKE 90 – 90 for a Strike, and player continues as long as Strikes continue. 60 for Spare. “Blown Frame” scores total downed pins.
FLASH – Timing is everything in this game. Player scores Higher value of flashing lights for Strike. Spare scores Lower value of flashing lights. “Blown Frame” scores total downed pins.

We don’t come across shuffle bowlers very often and this one is in nice condition and is ready to be enjoyed in your home. It has had a brand new stainless steel instruction cover, new rebound rubber all around, new puck and 10 brand new bowling pins installed. The CPU has been serviced and the batteries remoted off the board. The power supply and sound boards have been rebuilt. Rear bottom board that supports the two rear casters was reinforced with wood. New power cord has been added for safety. Game has been fully repainted by hand. New T-molding has been added. The backglass and lower panel have been cleaned front and back with the front side being polished also. Game was upgraded to LED bulbs. Old score displays have been upgraded to orange color Wolffpac LED displays. Alley has been cleaned and polished to a beautiful shine.

Our Shuffle Alleys include: a new shuffle puck, 6 cans of #2 shuffle powder and 1 bottle of Sun-Glo cleaner polish.

As with all of our games, our Shuffle Alleys have a 60 day parts warranty (and labor if within 1 hour of our shop).

Dimensions: 27″ W x 104″ D x 72″ H
Weight: 360 lbs.