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SOLD – 1985 Williams Comet (#4) Brand new backglass, brand new center ramp

‘Comet’ was the first solid-state machine to feature a one million point shot, The top rollover inserts used are 1-9-8-6 in recognition of Halley’s Comet near-Earth fly-by in 1986. Fun attributes: Dunk the Dummy drop target w/antagonizing voice. Cork screw ramp, jump cycle ramp can award a 1 Million Point shot, large clear roller coaster ramp, train station left side outlane, duck and rabbit shooting galleries.

New items include brand new backglass & lift tray and new clear center ramp. Cabinet artwork has been touched up, new power cord added for safety, all circuit boards were rebuilt and gone thru, playfield was stripped, polished then waxed. Bumpers and flippers have been rebuilt above and below the playfield. New playfield posts and new rubber bands were added. Game has been converted to LED bulbs. Siderails, coin door and lockdown bar have all been polished. Legs have been painted black. New leg bolts and leg adjusters have been added. Batteries have been remoted off the CPU.

Cabinet has some dings and dents and playfield has some artwork worn off but overall the game presents very well and PLAYS GREAT.