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This was a full restoration featuring woodwork and a unique custom cabinet wrap inspired by the movie. Playfield was completely redone with custom designed overlays (upper & lower) with the artwork printed directly on the underside of a sheet of 5 mil Mylar. All round playfield inserts were in bad shape so they were replaced with new starburst style inserts. Brand new playfield plastics, apron, shooter decals & spinner decal. All drop targets were replaced with new. Legs, adjusters and leg bolts are brand new. Side rails were replaced with new. Coin door was replaced with new. Lockdown bar was removed and polished to a brilliant shine. Flippers and bumpers were rebuilt with new parts. Original backglass still has vibrant colors and is excellent shape. Machine features a mix of white and color coordinated LED’s. New power cord was added for safety. New Alltek MPU board, new Alltek Solenoid Driver Board and new Alltek Lamp Driver board were installed for added reliability. Sound board was replaced with a new Geeteoh board with movie sound inserts Queen’s “Flash” song. Siegecraft LED flicker eliminator board was added to the Aux lamp board. Strobe light was repaired and works great. Speakers were replaced with new. The hinged light board was repainted white. A small sub-woofer was added to the underside of the cabinet.

Machine looks and plays BETTER than new. This game is a real head turner.